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    The clean solution

    Professional warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology

    Whatever type of ware you work with, MEIKO develops solutions and supports the processes required to ensure professional dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection. With over 2,000 employees in 30 countries, MEIKO is a global technology and service company that plays a key role in shaping today's market developments. With its professional warewashing systems, washer-disinfectors, and food waste disposal technology, MEIKO is the go-to choice for clean and intelligent solutions.

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    UPster K basket warewashing machine – uncomplicated, clean washing

    When it comes to the professional warewashing technology of today, people are looking for something fast, easy-to-use and economical. The range of UPster rack type commercial kitchen dishwashers gets precisely to the core: The best quality at an entry-level price, lowest operating costs and a quick 5-day delivery time. A choice of lengths gives you exactly the dishwashing capacity you need. UPster K professional commercial kitchen dishwashers are easy to operate and their compact dimensions save space. Best quality indoor air thanks to the most efficient heat recovery system, especially since no direct exhaust air connection is required.

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    MEIKO Service is there for you

    MEIKO Service is there for you - competent and reliable. We do not let rush hour, adverse weather conditions, short timelines or lofty heights stop us to get your machine back up and running. Whether on the service hotline or on site: MEIKO service technicians make the impossible possible - worldwide.

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    M-iQ flight type dishwasher
    M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine - the future of dishwashing

    A conveyor dishwasher from the M-iQ range means: integrated dishwashing technology for people and the environment! Never before has a flight type dishwasher been so sophisticated! Your highlights: the M-iQ energy concept with an optimum energy balance; the M-iQ GreenEye technology® – because man and machine work best in a team; the M-iQ AirConcept which omits the need for an exhaust air connection; the M-iQ filter which guarantees the highest degree of process efficiency, and the M-iQ AirComfort drying with AirStream technology with which the guided air flows keep the energy in the system and ensure the perfect drying and therefore rinsing results. This is what the future of flight type dishwashers looks like!

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    the wonders of perfect hygiene

    When it comes to washer-disinfectors, MEIKO offers all-round solutions that tick all the boxes. Human excreta such as urine, faeces, sputum and vomit contain copious quantities of infectious material – yet many people fail to take into account the risks involved in disposing of them. Fortunately, MEIKO is on hand to get care utensils reliably and hygienically clean. The company's cleaning and disinfection appliances meet the recommendations issued by the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infectious Disease Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute and the German Society of Hospital Hygiene (DGKH), as well as many other international standards. Breathing apparatus equipment for fire services and factories must also comply with the hygiene requirements of the German Safety and Health at Work Act.

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